Hello, we are Igor and Conny van Zweeden and we rent out holiday homes in our beautiful village of Biggekerke. Although the name of the village might suggest otherwise, it has nothing to do with pigs: Bigge was a common name in the early Middle Ages. Once a year, the rest in the village is disturbed. During the so-called Solex race, a beautifull procession attracts people through Biggekerke. The rest of the year, the residents and tourists enjoy the silence and authenticity of Biggekerke. The village and its inhabitants have their own regional culture and pure Zeeuws water, found in the bell of Bekerke.

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Biggekerke is a lovely village to live and spend your holiday, near the places Middelburg, Vlissingen, Zoutelande, Domburg, Veere, Westkapelle and Oostkapelle. The village is therefore an excellent base to visit these beautiful places on Walcheren and everything just minutes away from our holiday homes, to enjoy the peace and space we offer.

Did you know that Biggekerke:
– Various vidsbergen, which provided protection during storms
– a village church dating back to the 15th century

In short, the place to have a wonderful vacation! See you soon! Igor en Conny


Chalet De Weide Blick

Place for 2 persons

Apartment the 6 pigs

Place for 4 persons

Apartment the 8 pigs

Place for 6 persons